Hey there –

I see you.  Eyes glazed over, zoned out, blankly staring at your screen, thinking, “There has to be more to life than this.”

Your career doesn’t light you up, your relationships are suffering, and you’ve lost the connection you once had with yourself.   You want more time with your family, a successful career, to be a better mom/friend/wife/lover, and to find your spiritual self.  You want it all.

You’ve devoured every book, have tried to keep positive, and have been patiently waiting to find “your calling”.

But that hasn’t happened yet, and you’re done with waiting.

You know deep inside that something has to change, and it needs to happen now.  You believe there’s something greater for you but it just seems to be out of reach.

Here’s a little secret I want to let you in on….

To find your meaning, you have to journey inward.



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Passion. Purpose. Soul.

You can have a life that lights your soul up and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

It’s okay that you’re tired of the way things are going.  It’s more than okay that you’re ready for massive change, a new direction and a different way of life.  By making that brave choice, you’re opening up the doors for miracles to happen, friend.

When you’re connected to your bigger purpose, you:

  • Feel confident, powerful and in-charge
  • Grow closer to those you love
  • Become patient, kind and understanding
  • Reach new heights of success
  • Are filled with love and joy
  • Know exactly what next steps to take
  • Are courageous
  • Radiate confidence



Hey, I’m Brooke Hollowell!

I’m an Intuitive Life + Success Coach for ambitious, heart centered women who want more in life.  More meaning, more happiness, more success, more joy.  

I help women create a life that embodies all that they love, who they are authentically, and their deepest desires – without sacrificing what matters most.

I call it “The Soulful Pursuit”.  

What fills my cup?  Cuddles with my babies, green smoothies, soft leggings, deep conversations over coffee, and meditating.

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